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The Secret Service paid Trump properties over $250,000 in five months—and nobody knows exactly why

Fiona Hill and David Holmes delivered the message America needs to hear

Morning Digest: Decade’s third gerrymander maintains North Carolina GOP’s big edge in legislature

Meet the Tucson 12: Under Trump, Protesters Are Being Hit With Felony Riot Charges

Cartoon: So You’re Getting Impeached

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Republicans ignore the facts to defend Trump

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 AM ET!

The 2020 Front-Runners Aren’t As Well-Liked As Past Contenders

Jeb Bladine: Polarization thrives in American politics

Open thread for night owls: Soaring fossil fuel production set to greatly exceed Paris accord’s goal

Booker slams Biden on reluctance to legalize weed, says it is ‘already legal for privileged people’

Teamsters to host 6 Democratic candidates in Cedar Rapids

In Me Too gaffe, Joe Biden says we need to ‘keep punching’ to address domestic violence

Shifting Suburbs: Women Tipping Scales in Historically Red Counties

U.S-born military vet wrongfully jailed in immigration detention sues ICE for $1 million

Warren’s plan to combat white nationalism is a good start, but it’s missing a fundamental element

The Impeachment Witnesses Not Heard

John Solomon and The Hill’s Ukraine reporting debacle: What it tells us about the D.C. media

The Democratic Candidates Are Moving to the Center

The Democratic Candidates Are Moving to the Center

‘She the People’ strategy centers women of color in 2020 electoral plan

Not guilty: DOJ’s attempt to punish humanitarian for giving migrants food and water fails again

Dear Moderates: Please Give Cory Booker a Chance

Democratic candidates courting the key voting bloc of HBCU students

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